Boys Will Be Boys - The Movie

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From Pink Hat Productions, LLC., and the "Boys Will Be Boys - The Movie" production team:

July 17th 2015

It is with great sadness that we announce that, despite our best efforts to make the book "Boys Will Boys" (by Shailey M. Tripp) into a movie, we have been forced to suspend any further work on the project at this time.

We have encountered many hurdles while nevertheless making progress in this project. However, the most significant and damaging situation was provided in recent weeks when it was announced from the Louisiana State Capitol that the Governor of Louisiana had signed-off on a cap to limit tax credits for movie-makers in the state. This has led to severe uncertainty within the industry, including announcements of varying veracity, that movie productions scheduled to be produced in Louisiana as well as existing productions already being filmed in Louisiana would be pulling out or relocating to alternative states.

Such a measure has caused severe nervousness and an atmosphere of uncertainty among potential investors throughout the industry, such that interest in "Boys Will Be Boys - The Movie" has cooled to the extent that Pink Hat Productions can no longer afford to support the project to its intended scale.

We would like to thank all those individuals who have made a commitment to the project, including those who have worked countless hours and to those who have given donations to help us defray the costs of the campaign, to help us in our efforts towards in trying to achieve the considerable amount of funding required to get the movie under way. We will do everything we can to preserve the property and hope very much that we can resurrect the project in some way in the future.

Stephen James
Partner and Executive Director
Pink Hat Productions, LLC.

July 17th 2015

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